Parachuting – Top 5 Places in the World

Parachuting (or skydiving) is one of the world’s most daring sports. You’re throwing yourself out of a plane, helicopter, or even a hot air balloon while thousands of miles above the ground, hoping that by the end of your terrifying plummet you’re not a part of the landscape.

Yet, as terrifying as it seems, parachuting is much safer than it appears to be, with only a small percentage of people having unfortunate experiences after all the proper precautions are taken. Jumping can be an exhilarating experience with no equal, provided you pick the right spot to do it in that is.
Top 5 Best Places to go Parachuting…
Best Parachuting Spot #5. Seville, Spain:

If you’ve never been parachuting before, you may want to head to southern Spain and the beautiful city of Seville. The city alone offers a multitude of experiences but, the most attractive part is that it’s surrounded by fine beaches, mountain ranges, nature reserves, and the stunning Guadalquivir River. Overall, a very nice place to look at from over ten thousand feet up!

What really puts Seville on this list though, is its exceedingly beginner friendly parachuting culture. While many well practiced experts travel there to do tandem skydiving and freefalling from the Extreme Sports Drop Zone (approx 15,000 feet up) a large number of popular skydiving schools can be found in the area to get you started with your parachuting adventures.

Best Parachuting Spot #4. Interlaken, Switzerland:

Interlaken is a cozy little place in the Swiss Alps and a hub for all sorts of tourist related activities, one of them being a very affordable chance to go parachuting and get an eagle eye’s view of the breathtaking scenery. If you like mountains, then this is the place for you. Few other places surpass the unspoiled grandeur of the Alps and the tiny European nation of Switzerland in general.

Also, the company responsible for parachuting trips is well known and government endorsed, having offered trips since 1988 and currently doing so through most of the year. They even have enough aircraft to make several trips daily.
Best Parachuting Spot #3. Oahu, Hawaii:

Hawaii is the herbal viagra vacation hotspot for thousands of people every year, drawn by its beautiful beaches and climate during the summer months. Also, if you so choose, you can enjoy the tropical scenery from on high. Oahu (the third largest island) in particular offers a spectacular scenery and some of the most impressive drop heights. If you want a longer freefall and lower rates these are the people to go with. While their website may be a little overzealous, their reviews say that they definitely do not lie.

Best Parachuting Spot #2. Cairns, Australia:

There’s something to be said about Australia, and one of those things is that for every person there’s two kangaroos. But, besides that, the land down under has some of the greatest natural wonders on earth, (probably because of how little people there are to spoil it).
If you head to the city of Cairns on the coast of Northern Queensland you can find a place surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, much of which can only be fully appreciated from air. If you go with the local number one parachuting providers you can get the entire view, and anyone over 14 can jump. This is another one for beginners as they offer mostly tandem jumps.
Best Parachuting Spot #1. Lake Taupo, New Zealand:

New Zealand is well known for being the parachuting capital of the world, with around 30,000 people visiting every summer to do just that. The beautiful country you probably know as the place Lord of the Rings was filmed is very popular with people throwing themselves out of planes. It’s number one on this list for that, plus the wildly varying and all-over gorgeous terrain.

New Zealand is the place to go if you want a guaranteed good experience and these guys are the best of the best. Considering that on their website they boast about picking you up in a limo and throwing you out of their “famous” pink plane there is really no way you could go wrong.

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