X Games – Summer 2012

X Games are coming this Summer!

The winter X Games are long gone and it’s almost time for the summer, along with 2012′s next round of the most heart pounding extreme action on earth. X Games Los Angeles 2012, the premier action sports event featuring 200 of the world’s best athletes, will be held June 28 – July 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif, a month earlier than in years past. The top athletes from around the world will be competing in skateboarding, motocross, BMX, and car racing. On the line are medals, prize money, and the chance to be the champion of some of the most insane challenges ever undertaken in the name of sports.

History of the X Games

The X Games themselves were founded on that principle: giving the people that didn’t get their kicks from more conventional sports something to look forward to and make their own. When ESPN launched the X Games (then known as the “Extreme Games”) in 1995, they spent a reported $10 million, bringing 200,000 spectators to Rhode Island. While that alone is staggering, the fact of the matter is that it’s been growing ever since, always managing to pull in just the right kinds of people every year to make the X Games a success time and time again.

What are the X Games?

It’s a proving ground of sorts, for both athletes with a claim to fame and sports that are just entering the scene. The X Games helped legitimize then fringe, now visual effects of viagra mainstream, sports, such as skateboarding and snowboarding, and even though many of the other, more experimental, competitions have fallen on the wayside (bungee jumping, street luging, etc) the hunger for daredevilry that drives the X Games has kept the organizers on their toes. After all, people look forward to the ridiculously risky stunts that are its trademark. While there are definitely unfortunate accidents, whether it’s for a medal, money, or fame, for every athlete that walks away after a complete blowout, another defies all odds and maybe even launches their career; such as Freestyle Motocross Rider Travis Mastrana, who did an amazing mid-air double back-flip back in 2006 and promptly made X Games history.
The games themselves are nothing to overlook either, last year, the July X Games boasted 37 million viewers (a near two million increase from the previous year) who hailed from all over the globe, 192 different countries. However, if you’d rather experience this event in person, you have to go to sunny Los Angeles, California. Tickets will not go on sale until May 24th to the general public but, X Games.com is offering a special deal starting on May 21st (10AM PST to be exact) where you can buy tickets in advance by going here and entering a code present on the X Games website. Make sure to mark it on your calendars!

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